Monday, July 15, 2013

Progress Pictures

Lots of people have been asking to see current pictures of me. It's a good thing I'm not a 16 year old girl, because I can't take a flattering "selfie" to save my life. But I made an attempt this morning and they will have to be good enough.

First, lets start with some before's, shall we? I don't have a lot of before pictures. I'm the mom behind the camera most of the time, and I avoided being in front of it because I didn't like how I looked.

This is a picture of my driver's license. I need to go get a new one because I look different than I do in this picture.

                                                This one is from Halloween 2011.

We took this one just before Christmas 2012 as part of a present for my grandparents. Ignore the frame in our hands.

This is the first time I tried on my bridesmaid dress. I had already lost a few pounds, 10 maybe, by the time I tried it on. It zipped, but hung horribly and was really uncomfortable because it didn't fit.

Now for some "on the way" pictures. I haven't made it to goal weight (or maybe more importantly, body composition) yet so I'm not calling these after pictures. 

For comparison, here I am at the wedding, in the above dress. The dress still kind of didn't fit that day, but it was because it was too big. And couldn't be taken in any had already been taken in about 7".

These next two are ones taken within the past few weeks at the cottage, both with Hudson.

And finally, here is my attempt at a picture this morning. 70 pounds lighter than I was in January.

And of course because I'm not the only person in this house changing, here are a few pictures of the boys lately.

Wyatt with the avocado pit we are growing. It took 2 months but it now has two roots and is actually sprouting. We need to get it out of the mason jar full of water and into some soil.

Bath time. They are both little fish!

High 5, Hudson!


  1. You should be proud! Wow, every time I see you I see a difference. Chris thought Bobby had a new girlfriend! It takes great determination to be successful and you've done it,Darby.

  2. Great job Darby!!!
    I don't think I would recognize you if you walked past me on the street!

    You look fantastic, and more importantly, you look healthy and happy!!

  3. I just came over from Katie's blog to see your progress pictures. You are doing amazing! I've been struggling the last few years to lose weight. It seems like I'm up and down ALL OF THE TIME. Anyway, I just wanted to say you're definitely an inspiration. Good luck on the rest of your journey!

  4. very cool progress, congrats! You did a great job there and you do look awesome!!